Dove e quando





As Dollkraut, Pascal Pinkert very much operates out on his own. His mastery of sound makes for music that is at once from the future but also reminiscent of the past. Fusing synth and new wave, pop hooks and a knack for rough riding grooves, he is a versatile producer who can freak you out or make you open your heart. The Dutchman does so with releases on labels like Doppelschall and The Gym; releases that soon sell out and become much sought after. His latest is the gritty yet romantic Holy Ghost People album, which is due on Jennifer Cardini’s new label in March.
The same haunting but spaced out 70s sound that characterises his music and DJ sets also defines the mix he has put together for us here. It’s a jaunty journey through a cinematic and upbeat world of naive pop, electro boogie, robot disco and glam-synth gorgeousness that oozes style. Few DJs have a sound that manages to be as aesthetically tight yet musically diverse and this, but Dollkraut pulls it off with ease.